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Cries, Worries And Searches

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She was perturbed realising her husband is missing. With no signs of man of her life, she was clueless what to do n next. With tears rolling down She gathered all the courage and started to find her husband. She walked towards the main door and realised its closed from inside and the restlessness took over her because the couldn’t find her husband in the house and there’s no signs of him going out.

She was choked with fear as some frightful thoughts took over her mind but she just don’t loose her calm and started looking for her husband again.

Nikhil , where are you? she kept on saying this but everytime her question is unanswered and everytime it’s not answered, she get more afraid. It look like last night’s fear and frightful thoughts haven’t left her alone till now and she keep on searching for Nikhil.

And the doorbell rings again.

After what last night, she have a sense of fear with the doorbells and every doorbell is making her anxious and restless. Back in her mind she was sure that she don’t want to hear doorbells and every bell is making her skip a beat because of fear and uncertainty of what’s going to happen next.

Doorbell made her more anxious but she kept on searching for her husband. The small 3BHK flat in a society felt like a big palace and she was not able to find her man. She kept on shouting his name and keep looking for him. With every moment passing her anxiety increases and her fear is getting on her nerves. She was unable to figure out what’s going on, where’s her husband and Who’s at the door?

The only question that took over her mind was, Why her husband is not coming out even after hearing the doorbell.

She again shouted and this time very loudly- Nikhil, Where Are You???


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  1. God this sounds intriguing. I am.curious to know more, heading to your last posts now

  2. Sounds like a perfect thriller drama, loved the way you had described the whole scene, will try to read previous chapters to understand the whole story. all the best for challenge!

  3. O my… I HAVE to go to the previous ones. Looks like a real thriller.

  4. Noor Anand Chawla

    Oh gosh, I can feel the creepy anticipation! Well-written piece. I look forward to tomorrow.

  5. Oh this sounds really gripping! Will see your previous post and looking forward for the next one !

  6. Sounds intriguing. You have created it well. Looking forward to your posts.

  7. Omg found your piece of fiction damn interesting, my bad that I started reading it late, but now I am on the track, to catch it in the correct serial no. from the next till the climax.

  8. Oh god…looks like a thriller story. Let me read next to kill my curiosity

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