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With the last nights scenario still in her mind and her helplessness of not being able to find Nikhil, she was shocked when she heard the doorbell suddenly.And before she can react, she heard a voice , Neha, open the door, it’s me Nikhil..


She ran towards the door, peeped out from the keyhole and saw no one, she was skeptical, so she called out, Nikhil is this you, he reverted yes and now can you open the door. With shivering hands She opened the door and found Nikhil standing outside with packet of bread and milk.

She frantically asked, Where were you? I was looking for you all over . And showed her angerNikhil, Neha what kind of joke it is? I went down to get milk and bread for breakfast and I informed you before going out.

You informed me, When? and if you were out who closed door from inside?

Of course you Neha, I told you to close the door and you must have did that.

No, I didn’t, I was sleeping and When I wokeup I couldn’t found you and the door was closed from inside and tears start rolling, I was looking for you from last one hour ever since I wakeupNeha, Are you out of your senses? I went out just 15 minutes back.

How can this be possible? I clearly remember I woke up at 11:30 and it’s 12:30 now, said Neha, while pointing towards the wall clock.

Nikhil exclaimed, the clock is not working Neha, It must have stopped at 12: 30 AM.And the only thing she can recall was she opened the book exactly at 12.30 AM as she was unable to sleep.Shocked Neha got blanked and sat on the floor.

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    The story is getting quite creepy! You’re creating the atmosphere well!

  2. Wow you had hooked me up..looking forward what happened next? great write up and sounds like a movie script.

  3. I managed to read all posts now. Must say it is very gripping though I am getting scared too. Looking forward to reading the next one.

  4. This story is getting really interesting and leaving the readers biting their nails.

  5. Nail-biting story dunno what the end would be!

  6. Interesting turn of story Yogita, eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  7. So much suspense …I am biting my nails

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