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Exhausted, Are You?

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Nikhil helped Neha in getting up from the floor, made her comfortable on her favorite sofa seat and went to kitchen to get her hot cup of her favorite coffee to calm her down and asked “Are you exhausted” and Neha remained silent.

Random thoughts were taking over his mind and he was worried about his wife’s weird behavior, he want answers of question in his mind and a solution to his weird thoughts. He desperately wanted to ask her what’s wrong and settle his restlessness because of his wife’s behavior but he didn’t want to trouble her any more, so, he decided to remain silent and let Neha took her time to speak.

With multiple thoughts going on, he made Neha’s perfect coffee, sweet, strong and peeping hot. He did his best to make sure, she calm down and talk because his worries are taking over his mind and his tension is increasing.

He handed over the cup of coffee to Neha and sit by her side, a strange silence took over the entire ambience and none of them was able to speak anything and he look towards Neha and saw fear written all over on her face.

She was sweating, shivering and looking pale with fear and when he tried to calm her down, he realized she has high fever and her body was burning. He kept the silence alive and gave her medicine, she looked at him with teary eyes and numb reaction, she took the medicine without any question and then she get up with trembling feet and went straight to bedroom.

Nikhil left her alone and decided to stay in living room to give Neha the space she needed and the very next moment what he can hear is loud cries.


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  1. Loud cries 😱😱 I am seriously afraid to read what happened next

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