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She Opened A Blank Notebook….

It’s a different day, her last day at her home. It’s her wedding day and she know she will be a entries new person from tomorrow.

She has an amalgamation of feelings at that moment, a feeling of happiness as she is getting married to a man whom she loved from last 8years and after 4years of both family’s disagreement the day has arrived and a feeling of sadness as she knows everything in her world will change from tomorrow even her name.
With lots of thoughts in her mind she opened a box full of memories which she collected for 25years of her life with few special memories from every year of her life. She just started going through her 25years at her Dad’s palace where she was the only princess.
Her memory treasure chest have her first and Softest tiara which was bought by her dad when she was born and in her pic of that moment there’s a board saying ‘Our Princess’. While going through her life’s flashback she stumbled upon a blank notebook.

She Opened The Blank Notebook and her eyes was filled with tears, she stood still and move back to her life…
That was an amazing day,
Ohh, it’s her birthday,
Wearing her beautiful Cinderella dress,
She start walking on her school’s way.
Everyone was just mesmerised,
Seeing A 8years Big Princess passing by.
She was glittering with joy,
Her friends are gifting her beautiful toys,
Among all beautiful toys,
She recieved a beautiful notebook,
With an beautiful glittering Cinderella cover,
As beautiful as her.
She was enchanted, and her eyes go bright,
Her notebooks glitters are reflecting Sunlight.
She run back home,
Throw all gifts and hold the notebook tight,
Rushed to the phone,
And dialed a call to her Dad,
With a spark of happiness in her sound,
She told her dad about the beautiful notebook she got.
Requested him to get a cover for the book,
And ordered him to forget not.
Whole day long,
She was just comparing her notebook and dress shine,
And gleaming with happiness that both are mine.
Her dad reached home with cake and cover,
She was more happy to she the cover
And again requested him to protect her notebooks beauty,
He write her name on book,
And covered it with a transparent cover beautifully,
To keep its beauty intact.
They bid each other goodnight,
And moved to there rooms,
That night her world turned,
Next morning she heard her mom cry,
Her Dad was in deep sleep forever.
That day she cried gazing at her Dad’s last writing,
She was sad, seeing her name,
She locked the notebook in her box of memories,
After covering it in a black paper.
Today, when she saw the book, 
She felt her dad by her side,
Her dad’s memories went so bright,
The beautiful bride, cried loud that night,
She left her home with her dad by her side.
Dad’s princess once and forever,
She said, dad you always remembered.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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  1. This was sooo touching. Daughters are indeed dad's princesses no matter how old we are 🙂 so beautifully woven piece brimming with feelings

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