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Juggling thoughts

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Her attic was not as it was meant to be, it look like a proper room with all the facilities . She slam the attic door and ran out of it, straight to her bedroom and tired to wake Nikhil up but he was in deep sleep.

She tried again and again but no results, Nikhil is still fast asleep. Neha was worried, Nikhil was never a deep sleeper. His sleep is disturbed even with a pin drop and today Neha was all over him but he is not waking up.

Neha is perplexed and frightened. She was juggling between mixed feelings and weird thoughts. She was confused about what’s going on, she was puzzled coz She is unable to understand who is doing all this, She was worried Why Nikhil isn’t waking up and above all she is frightened as she don’t know What’s going to happen next?

And in all the thoughts, She somehow gathered all her courage and decided to checkout the attic properly. She looked at the clock, it was 2:45Am. She knew she will not be able to sleep if the doesn’t she don’t check the attic but She was afraid of going alone. Neha tried to wakeup Nikhil again and :again she failed miserably.

Neha searched for the torch and head towards ther attic. And she tried to open the door and realise its jammed. She struggled a lot but failed to open the door and finally she give up.

Tired and helpless, and with thousands of thoughts, she came back to the bedroom and lie down or the bed.

Perplexed, frightened and drained, she slept.


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