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Introspection and interrogation

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Stuck in the disarray of multiple thoughts, Neha is trying to find answers to all the questions in her mind but one question that’s bothering her the most was Why Anu is doing all this?

Neha at Anu’s house…
Anu’s mother- What happened between you two? Before returning home she went straight to meet you and now she is crying and saying she dont want to meet you ever again.

Neha- Aunty, I will tell you everything just let me meet her once.

No, you can’t meet her, she strictly told me not to let you in.

Neha shouted from her room window, Anu, please forgive me. Your friendship is everything for me, I don’t want to lose you. I can leave Nikhil for you. He was there with me when you left and the hard times that I faced, bring me close to him. I never had an intention to hurt you. Please talk to me.Neha started crying, but Anu remained silent.

And when Neha decided to go back.

Anu came to window and said, finally you choosed to leave, just hope we never cross each other ever again, because next time you will not meet your friend.

I will never forget this !!!

Neha quickly get off the bed And run to attic to checkout the stuff and to figureout how the book in the attic reached her bookself.

She opened the attic door And extend her hand to reach the light switches and realised the light is not working. She used her phone’s flashlight to check it out and she is shocked.


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