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How? An Unanswered Question

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Anu Stop..
Listen to me..
Let me explain..

Neha kept on shouting but Anu left and never returned. Slowly and gradually, she became a closed chapter in Neha and Nikhil’s life…

But this wasn’t over yet…

After 3 years of dating and getting settled in life, Neha and Nikhil got married in a small function with family only.

*In the meanwhile, Anu was completely missing of the scene.. They infact lost contact with Anu’s family as well*

They threw a small party for few friends, before they left to a new city to settle down and start their life together. Nobody except Neha and Nikhil’s family knew their new location or exact address.

They were settling their new life with all new jobs. Nikhil was working as a marketing manager and keep on travelling and Neha just set up her small business in the new city and was trying to fix everything at their house herself. Nikhil was either off on some trips or on call mostly at home. He was just trying to ease down the burden in new job.

Its not even a month and they received a parcel out of nowhere. When they opened it, it said – Happy 1st Month Wedding Anniversary Guys. (And they just realised, its already a month since they are married)

And the next note said – How Can You Forget Me So Easily, You Are Together, Because Of Me… I Am Back To Make You Realise This..
They looked at each other, Puzzled..

And than opened the third note.. Read the book at your own risk – Loved you both – Now I don’t – Anu…

And than a bunch of questions started—
Why She is back?
What’s in the book?
Is she here to harm us?
What she wants?
But the biggest question was – HOW?
How she got our contact details???

Neha just realised that she randomly grabbed the same book, Anu gifted them. But still she is trying to figure out – Why the book says, read at your own risk..

The book is puzzling her already and now realising that it’s the same book Anu gifted her, made her more puzzled. She want to discuss everything with Nikhil but he is sleeping and she doesn’t want to disturb him.

And again, She have a question- I remember putting the book in attic an year back and picked it from bookself now, How?


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  1. Oh god…read at your own risk…what’s special about that book?

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