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The book was making Neha crazy and she was not able to understand whatever happening and she started to recall from where she got it

*FLASHBACK 8years Ago*
Anu and Neha are besties. Their day starts with each other. Everyone thought they are inseparable. They loved each other so much that they can do anything for each other and why not, after all, they are friends from the last 19 years. Even their families were so close because of their friendship. But the day arrived, Anu always wanted to study mass communication from Oxford and now was selected for a year-long course at her favorite university.

It was a great opportunity but Anu wasn’t sure how to tell Neha about it. And she asked a common friend to break the news to her. He was Anu’s savior whenever she needs help, especially when Neha was concerned. After Neha, he was the one who knows Anu the best. He was the one with whom Anu shares everything.

He told Neha about the opportunity Anu got and assured that he will be there for her until Anu is back. With heavy heart, Anu and Neha depart for one year. They were connected via calls, video calls, emails, messaging and every other possible way. After 2-3 months, their communication decreased and Anu realized, Neha was hiding something from her. She wanted to confront Neha but she wasn’t sure how?

And the time flew by,
It was time for Anu to be back. She didn’t inform Neha as she wanted to surprise her. When she reached Neha’s house, she found her with Nikhil…

Anu was Shocked.
Neha – Anu Shouted…
And Neha Stumbled…
Anu, What a pleasant surprise, you are back… I have so much to share with you…
(Nikhil just left, giving them space)
Anu: What is it?
Neha: I am engaged
Anu: Whaaatttt, With Whom?
Neha: Nikhil.
Anu: How dare you Neha, You know I love him, how can you do this to me?
Neha: I know you love him, but he proposed to me saying he loved me always.
Anu: And you said yes. This wasn’t expected from you. Today I lost, two special people in my life because you betrayed me…



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  1. Much has changed in a year!
    Well narrated.

  2. Story me twist…dekhte h aage kya hota h

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