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Keep Calm!!!

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*Next morning*
Neha is an early riser, she always wakeu at 5 in the morning and follow her routine. Eversince Nikhil knows her, She never missed her morning routine even if she wasn’t well. But it’s not the same today. Nikhil wakeup around 11 and find out that Neha is still sleeping.

Nikhil is shocked but he decided not to react and stayed calm. He leaves the bed and go to kitchen, made morning coffee and breakfast for Neha. He decorated the tray with a few flowers and went to wake Neha up.

Nikhil Says, Good Morning Neha, wake up its 11. She wokeup quickly and looked at the clock. Oh it’s too late , wait I’ll quickly make coffee for you. Before she get up ,Nikhil put breakfast tray on bed and said Keep Calm, coffee and breakfast is ready.

With a sip of coffee Neha said, Thank You Nikhil. You do this for me daily , so, today.. …
( Neha just cut what he was saying and shouted)
Were you drunk last night. I tried to wake you up many times but you Were not waking up.

Tried to wake me up? When and why?

At 2:45 AM, I wasn’t ablee to open the attic door.

What? You were sleeping at 2:45, you Were so tensed last night that you kept talking and crying last night Hnd I was sitting holding your hand till 3AM and waited for you to sleep peacefully and than slept.

Neha flumbled (she started speaking with cries of fear but Nikhil couldn’t understand anything)

And Nikhil hold her hands and said * Keep Calm*


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  1. The story is going very scary, I am curious as welll as afraid to read next chapters.

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