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Lock and Key

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Neha took a while to calm down and her man is doing his best for the same. Once she is calm, Nikhil reheat coffee and breakfast for her. She had her breakfast and just went to bathroom for a quick shower. She was still thinking about whatever happened last night.

And Outside Nikhil was super worried about her. He decided to check the attic but he realised the attic is locked.

LOCKED???? We never lock the attic, like never and where is the key? He checked the key hanger, every single key used in the house is always on the hanger but there is no extra key.

Neha- What happened?
Nikhil – Oh! Nothing.
Neha- Tell me.
Nikhil- Did you locked the attic?
Neha (Shocked)- Attic is locked? But how?
Nikhil- See yourself.
Neha rushed to the attic and froze for few seconds and said We never have lock like this.

Neha was panicking again and Nikhil calm hee down and said let’s look for the key. I want to go inside and get you out of your fear.

They started the search for the key and check every nook and corner of the house. They are super tired and couldn’t find the key. Neha was all strucked with fear but Nikhil keep searching for the key. And finally he found the key stucked at the corner of the bed.

Neha looked at the key, surprisingly. Let’s go and check out the attic. Neha was just frozen land wasn’t ready to move but Nikhil wanted to do this.

Nikhil said – Let’s open the lock Neha, Please.


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