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Moment of truth

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Neha don’t want to enter the attic but Nikhil was not ready to accept a no from her He just want to end her fear anyhow. So, he forced Neha to accompany him to the attic.

Nikhil – Let’s Go.
Neha- No, please I don’t want too.
Nikhil holds her hand and says trust me, nothing will happen.
Neha hold his hand tighter and replied, I trust you.

And, it is the moment of truth for them. They opened the attic door and its exactly the way its suppose to be, no changes, nothing new, just the same old attic.

Neha is shocked. She stumbled and a tear just rolled down her eyes. She can barely speak but keep on repeating few words – how, attic, changed, last night, it was different and more…

Nikhil sensed, how uncomfortable she is and help her to get out of there. Now, Nikhil is getting clueless and worried about her. He want to ask her but looking at her condition, he kept quite.

And even Neha realised that her behaviour is bothering Nikhil. So, she decided keep calm. She getup, take a quick shower, came back to Nikhil normally and asked What would you like to have for lunch.

They had a normal conversation and Neha entered kitchen to cook. Nikhil was happy that Neha is doing fine now and believed that his decision of entering the attic with him made Neha feel better.

Neha served food, they both talked while having lunch but home of them mentioned anything about attic. They finished their lunch and decided to take a nap as they both are mentally exhausted.


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