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Nap And Nightmare

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Neha quickly fixed the bed, spread the comforter, turned the A.C. on and than both of them lie down. Nikhil Immediately dozed off but Neha couldn’t sleep. She is still thinking about whatever happening with her. The book, attic, Anu’s message everything was bothering her and she really wanna end all this.

She picked her phone and called Anu but the numbewas invalid. She tried calling Anu’s mom dad but no response. She called har house landline but that was out of order.

She put her phone down and started to think other ways to connect with her but every possible method to connect with Anu, failed. This make Neha more desperate but she can’t trace Anu anyhow.

She just throw her phone on bed and turned to sleep but she cant. Finally ,Neha decided to open the book again but couldn’t find book anywhere.

She get restless, as she is not able to find answers to the questions bothering her . She started to panic with weird thoughts and suddenly get unconscious but her thoughts doesn’t left her alone.

All of a sudden, she found herself in a new world. Its all dull, sad and scary. High cliffs and deep valleys all around and she in hanging from one of the cliff, shouting for help, she was crying, save me, I don’t want to die and saw Nikhil is walking away from her. And while she was watching Nikhil moving away, on the other end she saw her attic again. Her attic in a whole new avatar and she wakes up. All sweaty, frightened and shivering, she wakeup to a more puzzled self.


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