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Yummy Recipe By Mummy : Fish Curry

For me 2018 started with family and friends as dear as family. I just love to spent my new year eve on terrace and always treasured the moment of welcoming new year on terrace with the shining stars and bright moon. So we decided, to cook together, eat together and …

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Tech Guide – 5 Cool Command Prompt tricks

Command prompt has always had its charm, especially to a core IT person. Running different command or writing batch files have been a cream work in IT till some certain time period. Now we have multiple tools available to get the work done. PowerShell has also been introduced with its …

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Tech Guide – Know about VPN

When we work in any organization, then sometime we need to travel to different locations for work perspective or work from home in some of the cases. In such cases how to connect with office network from a remote location. Is there any way to connect with office network from …

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Zika Virus – An Emerging Global Threat

Named after the Zika Forest in Uganda, Zika virus was first discovered in 1947. The first human cases of Zika were detected in the year 1952, since then, outbreaks of Zika have been reported in tropical Africa, Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. Zika virus in India was first found in …

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How to find out the best water purifier in India

Pure drinking water is one of the major concerns in urban India. A lot of water is sourced from lakes and rivers, which requires adequate purification prior to human consumption. There is an increase in the number of ailments and diseases due to impure water. Thus, arises the need to …

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Tech Guide – Doxxing

We are living in the world where everything is emerging by leap and bounds from every technical  aspects. We are not only using the technical gadgets for official purpose but maintaining all of our personal communications as well. It starts with phone unlocking in the morning and extend to our …

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