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An Expression Of Life – #RealTogetherness

Definition of life changed these days in many ways. We have so adversely advanced, that life has lost its real meaning. Being together is just about catching each other on social media.
A status update, let your family and friends know How are doing? What’s new in your life? Relationships are confined to few letters written or few words spoken.
Developed for our convenience – Gadgets, took over our world and just removed real charm from it.
Real Togetherness is an expression for me, and I Express it in my poetic way.
In The Journey Through Life Farm,
Holding Your Hands Ensure No Harm,
Togetherness Is Only When You Are Around,
And Nature’s Beauty Surround.
A Silent Expression Of Our Heart,
Understanding Silence Is The Beautiful Part,
It’s All About Knowing What Other Want,
A Beautiful Relation With No Demand,
A Simple Eye Blink Say It All,
No Need To Say It Or Call,
Silence Is At Its Awesomeness,
For He & Me It’s Real Togetherness.
But It’s Not About Just He And Me,
Togetherness Is All About Family And We,
Leaving Gadgets And Geek Behind,
Keeping Just Togetherness In Mind,
Searching For A Unique Way For Expression,
Let’s Go To Mother Nature Is My Suggestion.
Yes Real Togetherness is all about understanding and pure love. It’s all about standing by each other’s side with no conditions.
In the busy gadgety life run,  catching time together seems next to impossible.  Time together is like a unsolved mystery and while searching for the solution to this mystery, first idea that comes to my mind is to seek help from mother nature.
The beauty of mother nature is so clenching that it can surely take you away from your busy world and life routine. In the lap of mother nature, you definitely forget about the virtual world you are confined to and live in the real world.
To feel Real Togetherness with my near and dear ones when we spent time together and enjoy some moments and create memories. The thought that strikes my mind was
“Lets Plant A Tree Together”
Our initiative while seeking and searching Real Togetherness. Once a month, we decide and meet up for making mother nature more beautiful and to make our lives more worth. The day when we breaks all the shackles of digital world, leave our gadgets and virtual world aside and enjoy being what we really are.
In the amidst of mother nature, exploring and enhancing it’s beauty,  make Togetherness more worth as we just leave the shackles behind and live the moment, to create the moments with our loved ones.
To give Togetherness Real meaning Kissan India comes up with an innovative thought of ‘Grow Your Tomatoes‘ and give you an opportunity to be the part of beautiful Kissanpur
It’s an awesome opportunity where you can see little seeds to fruitful plants together. Whether it’s with family,  friends, or neighbours. Kissanpur is here to tell you what real Togetherness is,  where you or your Little ones can grow a bond with others around you as well as mother nature.
What Kissanpur is all about can easily be understood by watching this amazingly cute video.
I have registered my son, and invited my family and friends to Kissapur to enjoy the Real Togetherness.  It’s your turn now, visit www.kissanpur.com, register,  order your seeds and grow your tomatoes.
We can understand the new meaning of Real Togetherness at Kissanpur and enjoy some special moments together while enjoying mother nature and getting indulged with her.

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