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Your Safety, My Priority – Save Your Family From Dengue

Being A Mother Isn’t An Easy Job,
It’s A Responsibility That Make You Hop,
A Mother Carve For Only Your Good Health,
She Gives Everything To It And Never Let Her Carving Melt.
Yes, family’s wellbeing is only thought that strike every mothers mind every moment. And Being a mother even I carve for the same. From maintaining cleanliness to cooking healthy food, Everything I manage on my own and I don’t trust anyone else when my family’s wellbeing is concerned.I always felt I am doing best for my family until I come across #AllOutForPayal Initiative by All Out to draw our attention towards dengue. An simple video draw my attention towards the danger my family is living with.

When I come across the fact that many people live in risk of catching dengue, a flu-like illness that can result in hospitalization and even death. Children are the most vulnerable, An Unending thought arise in my mind,With The Small But Biggest Danger Around,
How To Keep My Family Health Sound,
These Small Carriers Are Everywhere,
Now I Am Worried How To Care

Got the answer for my unending thought is All Out initiative. Joining All Out in the fight against dengue and together we can help protect your family and community from dengue. With Some precautionary methods we can definitely help my family fighting against dengue.Just Follow A Few Cleanliness Regimes And Be Alert to reduce risk of Dengue:

  • 1.       Clean Up Standing Water To Avoid Mosquito Breeding.
  • 2.       Wear Full Sleeves Clothes To avoid Mosquito Bites.
  • 3.       Apply Mosquito Repellant On Exposed Skin.
  • 4.       Plug In Liquid Mosquito Repellent Or Use Mosquito Coil.
  • 5.       Keep A Check For Symptoms Of Dengue.
·         FEVER – around 40°C
·         WEAKNESS – intense fatigue
·         HEADACHE
·         PAIN IN THE BODY – behind the eyes and joints
If you find dengue symptoms, visit physician as soon as possible.So Lets Join “The Fight Dengue For Your Family” Initiative By All Out And Be Safe From Dengue. To Join the initiative Call 1800180181818 or visit FightDengueForYourFamily and pledge your support to help fight dengue.

I joined my initiative for my family’s health and pledge to fight against dengue. Please Join In.

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