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How to find out the best water purifier in India

Pure drinking water is one of the major concerns in urban India. A lot of water is sourced from lakes and rivers, which requires adequate purification prior to human consumption. There is an increase in the number of ailments and diseases due to impure water. Thus, arises the need to find out the best water purifier in India that can tackle impure water effectively.

Finding a water purifier is half the battle won. Consumers can easily get confused while choosing the best water purifier. One needs to know the right parameters to judge the purifier.

Firstly, what kind of purification technology is being used- RO, UV or UF? Then, what is the storage capacity of the water purifier? These factors can help you decide the best water purifier in India and ensure your family’s good health.

RO Water Purifiers

Reverse Osmosis is the most widely accepted technology to give you pure drinking water. It uses a semipermeable membrane that helps to eliminate the finest traces of impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides as well as disease causing microbes

UV Water Purifiers

UV water purifiers use Ultra Violet radiation to eliminate viruses, bacteria, etc. and provide uncontaminated and sterilized drinking water. Safe for consumption, good for your health!

Gravity Water Purifiers

These water purifiers do not use electricity for purification! Instead, they use activated carbon technology to provide you pure drinking water, without any bacteria or harmful chemicals. Cost effective and a healthy option for your family.

According to your requirements and quality of water you get, you can select any type of Purifier or even combination of RO & UV. Dont Delay, Choose your perfect water purifier and stay healthy.

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