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Miraculous Mirage – Mr. World’s Andaz – Our Blind Date

He Came Riding On The Clouds,
Cooling Breeze Was Flowing From South,
He Asked Sun To Shower Some Spotlight On Me,
Within A Second He Was On His Knee,
Mr. World Was On Full On Command,
And I Was Loving His Unique Andaz.

So, My Lovestory with world started the moment I was born, with my first cry, I was in love with him. There is indeed something magical in his way, his style, and his aura. I just feel the connection with self Exploration him in every step. He always treats me in unique andaaz and every moment with him is full of surprises. I love being with him and sharing my secrets too( he silently listens to my talks with me and know me inside out). My love for the world is precious and the connect was amazing, being a traveler, with my every visit to a new location in the world, I feel the new connection with the world.

So, It’s a special day, because we are going on a date and most precisely ‘A Blind Date‘ as I don’t know where we are going and what’s going to happen next. Till now I traveled different corners of the world and today am going to travel with the world. Only did I know and I am sure that its gonna be a gala experience and something to remember for the lifetime.

I was all set to travel to explore with the world and I was looking forward to the enriching experience. And It Started…

Fantasies Do Come True,
It Was Me And You,
He Hold My Hands and Offered Me A Ride,
It Was We In Sky So High

Oh Yes! we were floating high in the sky,
it was an amazing floating ride.
Yeah, we were on clouds, and moving around.
I was clueless about our destination
and was super excited for the expedition.

I never imagined to be on clouds, The sky looked so beautiful. I was enchanted to see the different shades of different colors. All blue from down there, it looked so colorful up here. Every cloud reflects a new color and it makes the sky look magical.

Excited With The Journey,
I was looking Forward To The Destination,
When Mr. World Said,
Stay Excited For More Confusion.😁

We ended our ride at hot, hotter, hottest, Desert and I found it very absurd. But as Mr. World never left a chance to surprise me, I was equally excited for the next ride. But we hold on there and had a little conversation.
Me: Why we are here?
Mr. World: It’s our date destination.
Me: Whhhaaatttttt???? (Shocked)
Mr. World: Don’t be shocked, I won’t disappoint you for sure. (Remember, I never did)
Me : (Relieved) – Ok😊

It was an all new place to survive,
Its Hot Where I Stand,
Raining On My Right,
Fall On My left,
Snow In Front
and Beach On My Back,
Before I Understand The Situation,
Mr. World Said,
Its My Miraculous Mirage, Its My Andaaz

So, my unique date started. Every 2 step that I take on either direction change my destination and the entire experience.

While I Stand On My Place,
Its Hot, Very Hot,
Mr. World Made It Happy Place For Me,
Air Breeze Indeed Increase,
As I Closed My Eyes,
Soothing Coconut Water Arrive,
It Was A Perfect Drink,
I Had It Without A Blink.

I never thought of a date midst of a desert, it was hot but an amazing experience. We always thought of coconut drinks at the beach but having soothing coconut water in the desert was an entirely new experience. Deserts are hot but can bring up your mood when you have an amazing company like Mr. World.

I took My Precious 2 Steps To Right,
And Its Heavily Raining In The Night,
Dark Sky, With Shiny Clouds,
I Felt Someone Shouting My Name Loud,
It Was A Non Stop Applause
And I Realised I Am On My Toes

I love dancing in rains and that what I was doing. Mr. World was applauding aloud when I was dancing on raindrops sound. What an amazing feeling it was. Beautiful rains, no sound and I was dancing. Mr.World hold my hands and tapped his feet. The raining beauty in the world is what I loved the most and this time the rainy weather has become my host and dost. Loved the feeling and enjoyed everything.

Keeping Joys Of Rains In My Heart,
I Return To My Start,
And Took 2 Steps To My Left,
Beautiful Falling Leaves Welcomed Me,
The Falls Were At Its Best,
Orange, Yellow and Brown Leaves,
Gave Me Very Colorful Feels,
I Felt the Touch of Falling Leaves,
It Was Indeed A Sheer Bliss.

Oh, I just cant explain how much I love fall on the other side of the world and never get a chance to witness. It’s always beautiful in the pics I saw but its even more mesmerizing when I witnessed. The smell of dry leaves, the sound when they fall and the colors made me realize that fall is filled with colors of happiness. I touch of those falling leaves taught me the bliss of sacrifice and happiness in making the way of others. Mr. World silently holds my hand and with a smile on my face, I thanked him and get lost in the beauty of the season.

Mesmerized With Beautiful Fall,
I took 2 Steps To Front,
And I Was Standing In Snow,
Shining White Snow All Around,
Greenary Was Also Giving Out White Sound,
The Cold Weather Was So Satisfying,
I Still Remember Snow Glaze And Shine.

Snow Snow All Around. I just love snow and snowfall ( who don’t) and it was a bliss to feel it at its best. I had fun done ice skating, made a snowman, had snow fight and with Mr. World, everything was just right.

It was my last 2 steps,
In Mr. World Mirage,
What Better I Can Ask For,
Wide Ocean, Shining Sands And Beach Atlast,
I Engraved My Name,
It Travelled To The Deepest Sea With Waves,
Its A Memory forever Engraved

Beaches beauty is so beautiful that you cant live without it. The sand on the beach shines likes gold and the waves have a lot of stories untold. Beaches lead to beautiful creativity and fill love to my heart and soul.

Mr. World and I came out of mirage and while flying back to my home.
He Asked, How I Feel.
And I Replied, You Gave Me A Glimpse Of You At One Place,
Your Miraculous Mirage Is Engraved,
I Love The Feelings I Had In This Chance,
After This Day My Love For You Enhance,
There are A Lots In You I Still Need To See,
It’s You With Me In My Travell Spree,
Am Gonna Explore And Love You More,
And Its Gonna Be Self Exploration To The core.
Am Ready With #MyBlindList,
And I #SayYesToTheWorld, After This Blind date with A Twist.

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  8. What a miraculous mirage it was, desert, waterfall, fall, winters all at the same time. Loved the way you described it.

  9. Love the way you describe the new world of love and romance. And the poetry couplet compliment the story very well.

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