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Yogita Joshi

How to find out the best water purifier in India

Pure drinking water is one of the major concerns in urban India. A lot of water is sourced from lakes and rivers, which requires adequate purification prior to human consumption. There is an increase in the number of ailments and diseases due to impure water. Thus, arises the need to …

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Tech Guide – Doxxing

We are living in the world where everything is emerging by leap and bounds from every technical  aspects. We are not only using the technical gadgets for official purpose but maintaining all of our personal communications as well. It starts with phone unlocking in the morning and extend to our …

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Tech Guide – Know about CAPTCHA

You must have seen this word a few times while working on internet. You might have ignored it unknowingly but without this you cannot enter into any web site that you are trying to access. Ever wondered why this extra information needs to fill in, when we have provided the …

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Tech Guide – Securing your system from viruses

Virus/Malware effects your system/PC/Laptop the most. Here’s a few tips to keep your system safe from viruses. Install an antivirus program – You should install the antivirus program, the very first thing after installing the OS. It’s very important in the new emerging networking trend where we are in touch …

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Tech Guide – Know About Virus

Virus is a piece of code which makes its own copies in the system after execution. Thus it started utilizing the computer resources like CPU and Memory and affects the overall performance of the system. Sometime it attacks to the core code of any program and changes the behaviour of …

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Book Review : Hope Express By Ketan Vaidya

Book Review – Hope Express Author : Ketan Vaidya Genre : Fiction/Urban Publisher : LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd  Book Blurb: What is common to a decrepit old tenement in Central Mumbai undergoing redevelopment, a disillusioned retired trade unionist mill worker Ganpatrao Padwal and his son Raghu Padwal? Hope Express takes you through …

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