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Unfolding My Dreams,

Dreams are true essence of being alive and following dreams are just living life.
Dreams,  Reason For Big Smiles, 
Dreams,  Little Things To Take Me Miles.
Dreams,  Reason For An Extra Happiness,
Dreams, Little Things To Describe Our Togetherness….”
Vivid dreams we have are reflection of what we ponder. An amalgamation of the our inner-selves and our unsaid thoughts. An unheard song that our heart sang and only our mind hear, Lots of strength is needed to sing it loudly without fear. Every criticism gives strength, every laugh makes us tough,  and everyone become part of realization of a every dream.
A dream fulfilled is truly a life lived. So, here I am, a girl next door, a homemaker, a mother and undoubtedly someone whom u can relate to, in a big Chase towards her little dreams.
“A dream to write my heart out,
A dream to reach a big audience out there,
A dream to get appreciated by some of them,
A dream to win a few hearts,
A dream to walk a long journey and never apart.”
Got wings of strength from my man and a chance to realize my eternal dreams. A chance to give my inner-self an essence I want to breath. It’s time to direct my dreams the way I want, it’s time for DIRECTING MY DREAMS.
“I got what I thought
It happened somehow
Was it a dream I saw
Pinch me to feel wow..
Don’t know what happened
And how this all was done
People who challenged my way
Want to thank they made me today..
How mysterious is the life
Never understood always keep aside
The consequences now turn me think
Somehow someone was painting me pink..
I learned to live life
Living dreams with full realize
Anyone who came against my stream
Unknowingly they too share my dream..
Every step towards my dream
Was a big stream to crossover
Now it’s just a monsoon shower
Enjoy drizzle and take move further.
                                                                      Yogita Amit Joshi

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